22/6/17. Early summer morning at Montali

It’s very cold here in Cumbria today; the ground is covered in snow and there is a strong icy wind from the east.   A good time to post something from last summer.

Last June we visited a wonderful vegetarian country house called Montali, near Perugia.  An extraordinarily relaxing and friendly place.  IMG_9192And the food was just amazing.   It sits on a hillside south of Perugia with a view of Lake Trasimeno.

The house and guest accommodations are set in a grove of hundreds of olive trees.

From 5:00-5:45am I sat by the olive trees facing the surrounding woods to capture the dawn chorus.   There is a very busy song thrush and some distant owls, buzzards and pheasants.   The olive trees are alIMG_0439so home to cicadas, and the surrounding dry grasses are filled with flies, bees and large wasps (or perhaps hornets) that live underground.  I’m not certain if this recording has cicadas or frogs or both!


Here’s the recording:

and here is a link to Montali:  http://www.montalionline.com

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