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11/02/19. Burfa Bog Dawn Chorus

Burfa Bog is a small nature reserve in Powys, owned and managed by the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust.  It’s about 5 miles from where I live.  It encompasses an old motte and bailey castle mound, and a few acres of stream, bog, tussocky grassland and woodland.   It is a lovely place to hear the strengthening ...

11/03/18. Burfa Bog dawn chorus

A foggy, cold and boggy predawn at Burfa Bog.  The trees all shrouded by mist.  And the birds were very active. I sat by the stream that runs right through the middle of the bog; its gurgling is present in the recording, though at some point the birds dominate. Ten minutes or so into the ...

14/5/17 Burfa Bog dawn chorus

14/5/17 Dawn Chorus at Burfa Bog