19/03/18. Campfield Marsh Reeds in winter’s last roar

I went to Campfield Marsh (near Bowness on Solway) yesterday to try to record some curlews.   Unfortunately the harsh east wind persisted all day and I wasn’t successful; indeed it seemed there were very few curlews or any other birds about!

It was though a lovely day with lots of sunshine and pretty white clouds, so I went for a walk.   On the southwest edge of the reserve, just as you swing round the large ponds visible from the main hide, there is a long reedbed that serves to hide the path from the marshy pond beyond.   IMG_2840

That long reedbed directly faced the cold east wind and was making a music of its own.  In the recording it almost sounds like rain, but what you hear are the thousands of reeds brushing and bashing against each other.  Through the reeds can be faintly heard some of the (few) water birds present.  There are (to me) indistinct geese and ducks, crows, and I believe one of the most vocal birds is wigeon with its wheezy whistle/call.

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