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Down to, onto, and into the Sea; and back.

A composition of recordings made above, on, near and below the beaches of Uist and Barra in September 2020. Recordings were made at RSPB Balranald, Eriskay dock, Loch Sgioport, Lochoisdale, Eoligarry.

12/06/18. The Machair at Dusk!! Aird a’ Mhachair, North Uist.

Lots of seabirds and other birds calling after the sun goes down.   Down a track that leads to the MoD testing area.  The microphones are in the field.  I am sitting in the car for 3 hours trying not to disturb what’s going on.   Unlike the night before, this was a very still ...

15/05/18. Skokholm: Chattering Guillemots on the cliffs of North Gully.

Skokholm is home to about two thousand Guillemots.  With their erect stance and funny waddle on land these lovely birds almost look like penguins from a distance.  They collect themselves in tight groups in precarious positions on the rocks and cliffs.  From a distance it looks as though they have pasted themselves onto the sheer ...

7/4/17. North Haven, Skomer. Razorbills, Seals and Gulls.

1pm and I’m sitting on the landing at North Haven where boats bring visitors into Skomer for their first experience of this most magical place. These boats often come from Martins Haven on the mainland in Wales. Right now there is no activity; i have the uneven and slippery steps, the view across North Haven, ...

9/2/17 Aberaeron near high tide

Large wide beach and harbour north of Cwmtydu, Ceredigion.   Beach is steep and mostly pebbles of different sizes.  Waves come crashing in and break from left to right.  As each wave hits the beach, the smaller pebbles carried by the waves can be heard falling back into the surf like a small thunder.

9/2/17 Cwmtydu tide coming in

Recorded 9/2/17 at Cwmtydu, Ceredigion coast, Wales.  Enclosed beach south of Aberystwyth.  Beautiful rock pools and formations.  Gurgling water entering these pools, and pools around caves.  Late afternoon.