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19/5/17. Early May morning, Titley Pool, Herefordshire.

Early May morning recording at Titley Pool of displaying ducks, geese, swans, coots and others.

4/5/17. Tindale Tarn, Geltsdale, near Brampton, north Cumbria.

Geltsdale is a remote nature reserve near Brampton, just east of Carlisle.  It sits quite high in the Pennine foothills and is mostly moorland.   I walked in from the RSPB carpark about a mile or so to reach the RSPB centre; then past the centre and stopped on the path just past Tarn Cottage.  ...

17/2/17 Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss is a nature reserve near Lancaster with a very large complex of reedbeds.  This was just a short visit, and there weren’t many birds to hear – but I got a little here.   Some very harsh sounding pheasants nearby, and some interesting birds in the distance.   People and traffic noise – ...