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18/04/18. Anahuac. Sunset at the Skillern Tract.

On the bridge at Skillern Tract, with groups of birds flying in for the evening. An early evening chorus of jumping fish, alligators, birds and bees; and the occasional clang of something mysterious against the metal bridge supports. I watched a beautiful green heron land into the reeds; a few alligators catching the last rays ...

19/04/18. Anahuac.

This recording was made at dawn at the first layby on the narrow road that goes around Shoveler Pond. Great-tailed grackle males were parading about on the road in small groups; showing off to the females, I expect.   Also searching for mates, the male alligators were making their own low, booming, groaning sounds.   ...

20/04/18. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Dawn chorus at the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas.