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09/04/18. NWT Hickling Broad.

It was another dreary day in Norfolk!  I went to visit Hickling Broad, an expansive and fascinating area of reed beds and deep water.  Again, in search of bitterns, and again I think I heard one or two in the distance.  But I couldn’t record them.  So instead we have: Recording 1:  At the Bittern ...

11/03/18. Burfa Bog dawn chorus

A foggy, cold and boggy predawn at Burfa Bog.  The trees all shrouded by mist.  And the birds were very active. I sat by the stream that runs right through the middle of the bog; its gurgling is present in the recording, though at some point the birds dominate. Ten minutes or so into the ...

14/5/17 Burfa Bog dawn chorus

14/5/17 Dawn Chorus at Burfa Bog