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June 2018. The sounds of water in the Cairngorms.

In her magnificent book, The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd describes the contribution of water in its many forms to the unique character of the Cairngorms.   She celebrates its ever-presence in the landscape, and the various ways we experience it through all of our own senses. “On one short stretch of burn the ear may ...

11/03/18. Burfa Bog dawn chorus

A foggy, cold and boggy predawn at Burfa Bog.  The trees all shrouded by mist.  And the birds were very active. I sat by the stream that runs right through the middle of the bog; its gurgling is present in the recording, though at some point the birds dominate. Ten minutes or so into the ...

14/5/17 Burfa Bog dawn chorus

14/5/17 Dawn Chorus at Burfa Bog

6/4/17. Late afternoon on the old stone bridge near the Farm. Skomer.

Thursday 6th April, late afternoon and early evening; I spent the morning just walking around the island. Mid afternoon I decided to try to record some of the island’s sounds. It’s windy, so I sought out some shelter to improve my chance of recording without wind noise. I went back to the hollow through which ...

13/2/17 Dawn chorus at lower wood, Acorn Bank

On the banks of Crowdundle Beck (which features quite prominently in the background of this recording).  Woodpeckers, woodpigeons, crows and lots of other things I can’t identify.  Sheep in the background as well.

3/3/17 Dawn chorus at Gilfach nature reserve

Dawn chorus at Gilfach; near Rhayader.   Gilfach is a beautiful and quiet nature reserve about 40 minutes from Stapleton in mid-Wales.   You can hear the river (where otters and salmon can be seen if you are there at the right time of year), and lots of lovely birds that I can’t identify!  

16/3/17 Dawn Chorus Stapleton Wood

Dawn chorus in Stapleton Wood; on the forest track just before the sharp turn into the thick woods. There is, as with all such recordings, a certain order of events.  Owls see off the evening; then come the robins, tits and blackbirds.  Buzzards can be heard too.  (In this recording there are some very active ...

15/3/17 Cottage Stream after sunset

Stream behind cottage in Stapleton. Evening chorus mixed with stream at rear of cottage.  Magpies, crows, rooks, tits, all sorts.