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24/05/19. Dawn chorus at the Well, Skokholm.

Dawn chorus at the well; just behind the mist nets.  Recorded at about 5:00am. Dominated by wren and sedge warbler, and gulls.   The sea too, of course.   I think there is a woodcock very briefly in there too.  Oyster catchers join in later. There is also the distant sound of foghorns as it ...

25/05/19. Sedge Warbler on the neck.

Short monaural recording of a sedge warbler on the neck at Skokholm.   These lovely birds can be heard all over the island.   The male changes its song regularly; apparently to draw the attention of prospective mates.

20/05/18. Skokholm: The Well, the Stream and the Sedge Warblers

The island is well provided with fresh water by a well located halfway between the cottage and the dock.   In this space there is also small pond surrounded by reeds and some small tree cover, and from this pond issues a stream flowing down into South Haven below.   This is one of the ...