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11/03/18. Burfa Bog dawn chorus

A foggy, cold and boggy predawn at Burfa Bog.  The trees all shrouded by mist.  And the birds were very active. I sat by the stream that runs right through the middle of the bog; its gurgling is present in the recording, though at some point the birds dominate. Ten minutes or so into the ...

08/03/18. Canada Geese at Titley Pool

Listening to the dawn chorus at Titley Pool yesterday morning. A cold and windy morning with quick and short showers of snowy rain.  Lots of birds present; some more noisy than others.  The canada geese particularly active with their lengthy chattering before flying off in small groups.  But lots of others too including pheasant, crows, ...

14/5/17 Burfa Bog dawn chorus

14/5/17 Dawn Chorus at Burfa Bog

7/5/17. Malham Cove; early morning

Drove to Malham Cove to catch the dawn chorus at the base of the large cliffs. I was a bit late, and didn’t start recording until about 7:00. But it takes the sun doesn’t make it down to the lower part of the cliffs until well past 9, so it was still quite shady down ...

13/2/17 Dawn chorus at lower wood, Acorn Bank

On the banks of Crowdundle Beck (which features quite prominently in the background of this recording).  Woodpeckers, woodpigeons, crows and lots of other things I can’t identify.  Sheep in the background as well.