Category: Individual Recordings

21/05/19. Guillemots on Twinlet Bay cliffs, Skokholm.

Guillemots make a very distinctive call, sounding insistent, annoyed and strangled all at once.  A perfect descriptive word is “argumentative”, suggested to me recently by former Skomer warden, Mike Alexander. Skokholm’s cliffs are full of guillemots.    Other sounds on this recording include seals, razorbills, fulmars.

21/05/19. Fulmars chattering at North Gully, Skokholm

A small group of nesting fulmars sits chattering together on the high ledges above North Gully.   Some in pairs; some singles whose mates are out for food.   In one case, it’s a threesome and late in the recording the third is noisily chased off. Argumentative guillemots can also be heard, as well as ...

7/4/17 Shearwater in burrow at the Wick, Skomer

I was just leaving the Wick after listening to the Kittiwakes just before sunset when I heard a little noise coming from the ground. The Wick is an amazing shear cliff facing a narrow inlet. It has multiple parallel ridges serving as home for all sorts of seabirds. One volunteer explained to me that there ...