31/01/20. Kuykendall Cutoff power lines

I was driving from Chiricahua Monument to Rucker Canyon and the route took me down several “primitive roads”.   These roads seem to be quite well maintained, but mostly dusty; in this case very red dust.   They don’t seem to be frequently travelled, so it’s easy to stop the car every now and then and just take in the scenery.

At this stretch of the Kuykendall cutoff road I stopped because I thought I’d heard birds. But it wasn’t just birds.  Two small power lines running along the road were making an amazing sound.  I’ve heard power lines sing before, but this sounded different.  The sound reminded me of using a contact microphone on a metal fence when the wind is blowing; yet this sound was resonating through the air.   There are (I think) birds present; I can hear some ravens.  Also some cows chime in as well.

It was quite windy, and I expect this was causing the effect.  It almost seemed as if the line vibrations were transmitting and distorting distant sounds (such as the sounds of the ravens, and other birds.).

Recording here:

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