26/10/19. Leighton Moss: Grisedale hide at dusk.

October is red deer rutting time at Leighton Moss, and so I spent some time on this late afternoon sitting outside Grisedale hide listening to them bellow.   Unfortunately, even late in the day the traffic noise by the reserve is unrelenting.   The sound of bellowing red deer sits right in the midst of the same frequency as traffic noise – so, those recordings didn’t work very well.

Nevertheless I went into the hide at dusk, after everyone else had left, and made a quick recording of the pool below and beyond the hide.  There were still a few deer sounds to be heard (present on this recording), and the traffic noise had gone down significantly.

This recording includes a number of special animals:

  • shoveler (amazing duck with massive shovel shaped beak for scooping up goodies from the mud below).
  • greenshank (I think)
  • coromorant
  • red deer bellowing and grunting
  • and many more

I really enjoyed these and other sounds of the pool settling down for the night.


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