05/05/18. Sandscale Haws. Evening chorus and more Natterjacks.

I walked along Duddon Sands and listened to the geese and other birds.  The sun was setting; a train went by.   The 010f8d3f1c85a96e2a51bd51242c52f14268d1bc89first 11 minutes of this recording captures a little of this atmosphere.



The latter part of this introduction includes the 0112ac16dccf0308637ee0b1306243b373e0869542beautiful sound of warblers in the grasses at the base of the sand dunes.



After a while I went back to the car park area and found the two toad ponds close to the visitor centre.   It was still quiet.  Just beyond those ponds was an area of reeds separating me from the beach, and I decided to wait here for the toads to begin.    I didn’t know when they would start.  By now the sun was just setting.  I didn’t know when the toads would start.  As it grew darker I was worried perhaps that I’d missed them.  So I recorded the evening chorus while waiting.

Families walked by on the beach, and children played in the sand long after sunset.


Then at about 9:30 the toads started; quietly at first, and then growing.    Some geese flew by close overhead;  and a lapwing finished off the evening.



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