28/04/18. Bees in the acacia, crickets, orioles and more; dawn at Whitewater Draw, Arizona.

Sitting next to an acacia in full bloom; facing west towards a dried section of the Draw, close to the owl roost.   The air is full of the sound of bees, hard at work on the acacia with its full and heavy yellow flowers.   Through the acacia and other trees the crickets add their own rhythm.  And the birds chime in as well, including cowbirds, orioles (possibly, a Baltimore Oriole, about 7 minutes into the recording), mourning doves, some warblers.

A beautiful Gambel’s quail sits on a sign just a few feet away, and seems quite uninterested in me.

There is also a distant bird of prey calling.  I saw this buzzard (UK)/hawk (USA) from too far away to identify it.  Its call sounded much like the UK’s common buzzard, Buteo buteo.   The rough-legged hawk, Buteo lagopus, is known to frequent Whitewater Draw, so perhaps this is what we can hear.

The atmosphere is full of life, and I am allowed to enjoy it completely alone.


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