The Journey Begins

We are surrounded by sounds that we hear, but do not necessarily listen to.  We have a remarkable ability to filter, and this important survival mechanism prevents us from becoming overwhelmed by all that surrounds us.   However, this natural ability can also prevent us from fully engaging with the world.

In addition, our busy lives compel us ever forward; to work; to home; to the next event.   This results in a comprehensive loss; we are literally losing our senses.

Further, many of the world’s sensory wonders are retreating; are becoming lost to us.  This is often in response to physical human encroachment; or in some cases they are still there, but that presence is masked by our own dominating presence.

The overload hits all of our senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.   This site is focused on hearing.  It is an attempt to draw attention to some of those sounds that perhaps we don’t notice; some that we are losing because they are disappearing from our access.  All are special, and spending time listening to them adds to our life experience.

And perhaps a raised awareness, and a reminder of their wonder can aid in their preservation in nature.

Thanks for joining me!

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