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21/05/19. Guillemots on Twinlet Bay cliffs, Skokholm.

Guillemots make a very distinctive call, sounding insistent, annoyed and strangled all at once.  A perfect descriptive word is “argumentative”, suggested to me recently by former Skomer warden, Mike Alexander. Skokholm’s cliffs are full of guillemots.    Other sounds on this recording include seals, razorbills, fulmars.

15/05/18. Skokholm: Chattering Guillemots on the cliffs of North Gully.

Skokholm is home to about two thousand Guillemots.  With their erect stance and funny waddle on land these lovely birds almost look like penguins from a distance.  They collect themselves in tight groups in precarious positions on the rocks and cliffs.  From a distance it looks as though they have pasted themselves onto the sheer ...