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I live in Herefordshire; just on the Welsh border. I have been enjoying hiking, gardening and photography for many years; and have just started learning about field recording. It is really enjoyable and becoming completely absorbing!

16/3/17 Dawn Chorus Stapleton Wood

Dawn chorus in Stapleton Wood; on the forest track just before the sharp turn into the thick woods. There is, as with all such recordings, a certain order of events.  Owls see off the evening; then come the robins, tits and blackbirds.  Buzzards can be heard too.  (In this recording there are some very active ...

15/3/17 Cottage Stream after sunset

Stream behind cottage in Stapleton. Evening chorus mixed with stream at rear of cottage.  Magpies, crows, rooks, tits, all sorts.  

9/2/17 Aberaeron near high tide

Large wide beach and harbour north of Cwmtydu, Ceredigion.   Beach is steep and mostly pebbles of different sizes.  Waves come crashing in and break from left to right.  As each wave hits the beach, the smaller pebbles carried by the waves can be heard falling back into the surf like a small thunder.

9/2/17 Cwmtydu tide coming in

Recorded 9/2/17 at Cwmtydu, Ceredigion coast, Wales.  Enclosed beach south of Aberystwyth.  Beautiful rock pools and formations.  Gurgling water entering these pools, and pools around caves.  Late afternoon.

16/2/17 Acorn Bank Dawn Chorus

Dawn chorus at Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby. 16/2/17

Being There

Recorded sound most definitely triggers memories; and as I listen to some recordings I made last year I am returned to those spots.  I can again see and hear the activities around me; and have the feel of the place and my own feelings return to me from those moments.  But I am learning that ...


Winter 2017

I started recording as an aid to memory.   I had been speaking with a friend about what triggers memories, and we were musing about how different senses can transport you to a different time and place.    Smell and taste are particularly effective in this way; cooking smells can send us back in time, ...