23/02/20. Nek Chand Rock Garden, Chandigarh.

In the ’50s Nek Chand started to build a secret rock garden near Sukhna Lake; he collected rubbish (ceramic – often from old sinks and toilets, electrical ceramics as well as wires and insulators) from the city and used it to fashion amazing creatures in the landscape.

IMG_0838It is one of the most joyful places I’ve ever visited, and I always smile as I make my way from one magical section to the next.

In a more recent section, there is a large arcade of squeaky swings (see picture above).   This recording picks up the sounds of families and children in the arcade, and the echos of the very squeaky swings as they are used by people of all ages.  I think quite by accident, each swing has its own unique tone of squeakiness…




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