31/01/20. Birds along E Rucker Canyon Road, Cochise County, Arizona.

I had spent the earliest part of the day sitting in a wash at Bonita Creek, Chiricahua and listening to the local birds.   I left shortly after sunrise as the park was suddenly awash in the sounds of a distant leaf blower.   I headed for Rucker Canyon, and my journey took me down several “Primitive Roads”.   They aren’t very primitive really – they are quite dusty – and they take you into the back country areas and away from just about everything.

I went down Kuykendall Cutoff road and stopped briefly to record the sound of the power lines (in another post).  Then on to Rucker Canyon road, which leads to Rucker Canyon.   On the way I stopped to record the birds; it was one of the most interesting and accidental recordings I was able to make on this trip.  I do not know the birds on the recording, though I believe there is a Thrasher and possibly a yellow billed cuckoo.   The cuckoo (or something else) appears around 9:35, 9:55 and 10:18 with a descending coo coo.

I have one, poor photo of the beautiful long-tailed bird I saw that caused me to stop in the first place.  It’s very hard to make out any detail except to note that the bird has a long tail with white bars/st7N5A4990ripes.  There is a prominent beak, and reddish colouring around the back and wings; the front seems white.




The recording is here:







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