12/05/19. Dawn Chorus in the woods at Cominac. Part I

I sat on a comfortable and quiet rotting log by the track after setting up my microphones in a wood clearing.  It was quite early; about 5am, and there was very little sound except for those noises made by those of us present setting up our kit across the forest to record the dawn chorus.   I chose to stay with my recorder because I wanted to experience the sounds and senses as they happened.  It meant sitting dead still, for some of my colleagues microphones were not far away at all.

The forest was beautiful (but dark); a few trails through but mostly many tall trees and  a number of open glades.  Initially it was quiet; mostly trees rustling in the growing wind.  Then the wonderful tawny owls started.   And, every now and then, some close-by scurrying around can be heard.  I must admit I was a little nervous, not knowing what these sounds were.    Later I heard stories of wild boar.   But I think it may have been roe deer; for these rustling sounds are sometimes accompanied by barking sounds; certainly coming from roe deer.

Part II picks up from here as the song birds begin to make a major contribution…

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