15/06/19. Guillemots at Stack Rocks and Green Bridge of Wales

This beautiful spot is on the coastal path, and access by car is limited because you must travel through the army tank training grounds near Merrion, Pembrokeshire.   The setting is spectacular, and just a few yards from the car park you encounter the series of stacks (large, freestanding rock pillars formed from former “bridges” when the bridge collapsed).  These sites are ideal for seabirds, and these here have been claimed by Guillemots; that wonderfully argumentatively loud seabird.   In late June their young are fledging, and so I think there is a bit more to shout about.


These stacks are known as the “Elegug” stacks; a lovely and evocative Welsh name for the Guillemots and Razorbills who seem to own the cliff faces and top surface of the stacks.

It is fascinating to watch the top of the stack and observe the activity there.   There seems to be no space available at all there, yet birds edge their way in as they land.   It’s also hard to differentiate between chicks and parents because at this stage of their development, the chicks are quite large.   The entire top surface of the stacks is covered with guillemots, and down the sides of the cliffs are more, with some smaller groups of Razorbills, whose equally interesting call is mostly drowned out by the Guillemots.

A lovely day out.

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