08/03/19. Elmley NNR, part 2. Lapwings.

At about 5:30am the lapwings seem to be most noticeable.   They are wonderfully beautiful birds – iridescent green on their upper wings, white below; a “fascinator” on top of their heads.


This time of year the male spends a lot of time showing off its aerobatic skills, sometimes alone, but also with other males.   And while they fly they make the most amazing song.   As with a number of other animals, their common name sounds (sort-of) like the calls they make; that name is, “Peewit”, which really serves as a poor substitute for hearing the actual call.

Elmley is a private National Nature Reserve in Kent.  It has a large and growing population of Lapwings.   I saw and heard many while there last week.   Other birds on the recording include redshank, pheasant, and more.



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