27/02/19. Geltsdale by Tindale Tarn.

Sitting in the hide at Tindale Tarn around 6:30am.   Lots of interesting sounds.  Here are three short clips.

  1. Wind in reeds; a warbler – I’m not sure which one; goldeneye; crow
  2. Curlew; warbler, crow; pheasant; goldeneye; lapwing;
  3. Grebes splashing/calling (later in the clip); frogs; woodpecker; curlew; woodpigeon; goldeneye

I think my favourite (excluding the curlew) is the goldeneye with its short raspy two note call.  It reminded me, just a little, of the corncrake.   But this call is very short … two quick tones; then silence and then resumes…

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