27/02/19. Sunbiggin Tarn Starling murmuration.

Sunbiggin Tarn sits in the Pennines near Orton, Cumbria.  It is a wonderful remote spot, and popular with birds of all kinds.

Today I was sitting by the tarn recording the evening chorus; it was afterall very quiet; I had expected more activity.   But it was nice to just sit there, watch the sun go down and add amazing colour to the reed beds and surrounding hills.


Then, all of a sudden a small group of a few hundred starlings flew overhead, followed shortly after by a few thousand more.   The recorder was running, so I was able to capture it.  The sounds come in waves: first of the lead birds, then followed by the rush of wind and wing beats, is quite amazing.

This recording is quite short; I hoped they would come back over several times, but shortly after these flyovers they settled in some trees at nearby Tarn Sike.


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