11/02/19. Burfa Bog Dawn Chorus

Burfa Bog is a small nature reserve in Powys, owned and managed by the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust.  It’s about 5 miles from where I live.  It encompasses an old motte and bailey castle mound, and a few acres of stream, bog, tussocky grassland and woodland.   7N5A1427

It is a lovely place to hear the strengthening dawn chorus as winter turns into spring.

I went on a frosty morning on the 11th Feb, and the recording below and photographs shown here are from that visit.  A few of the photographs here are also from a visit a few days later on the 14th.

The recording captures the amazing song of a song thrush; last year I came and heard the same long, insistent, varied and confident song.  I have no way of knowing for certain, but it was nice to think I was hearing that same bird at it again.  Also present at various times through the recording are ravens, crows, pheasants, buzzards, geese and magpies.   The interplay between these calls and songs is really lovely.


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