11/06/18. Noisy pond at Balranald, North Uist.

There is a wonderful walk at RSPB Balranald.  I went there in search of corn crakes, but the walk offers so much more; it takes you out along and through the sand dunes, past the machair fields with their white wind blown soils, and into that space just beyond the beaches where all sorts of birds and other animals live their noisy lives.

Just at the entrance to the walk I came across a small pond.  It was visibly active; the water alive as though the rain was falling. But it wasn’t the rain.  The picture above might show this.  Hydrophones record underwater sounds; have had limited success with hydrophones before, but I thought this must be worth a go.

And it was.  There are lots of clicking, popping, chewing (?), scurrying (or what is that called in water!?), stridulation and more going on.   What can you find here?

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