13/06/18. Squeaky trees in Coille Langais during storm Hector.

It was going to be a very windy day on Uist, so I headed for the woods.  There aren’t many woods on north Uist, but there are some:  I went to Coille Langais (Langass woods) next to the ancient burial mound, Barpa Langais.

These woods have a nice history; established in 1969 by the Forestry Commission they were handed back in 2002/5 after that comIMG_3246smallmission completed their study.  The local community stepped in and now these woods are locally managed as a nature reserve, and as local educational site.

It’s a lovely spot, and in Storm Hector’s winds it felt particularly wild.

The winds were very high, and this was pushing the pines and other treetops around a lot.  This recording is of one particular pair of trees, locked in a noisy embrace.  One tree had collapsed on other some months ago, and the wind action on the still standing tree caused a lot of squeaking in both of them.

The recording in this post was made in two parts; the first with 2 small omnidirectional (lavalier) microphones to capture in stereo the external sound of the trees; and the second with 2 contact microphonIMG_3249smalles attached to the still-vertically-standing tree to capture in stereo the internal sound of the vibration as the trees scraped against each other in the high wind.  I have layered the two recordings together because the external sound is dominated by the sound of the wind itself blowing through the pines, and so adds context to second recording of the intense internal sounds generated as the two trees scraped against each other.

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