June 2018. The sounds of water in the Cairngorms.

In her magnificent book, The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd describes the contribution of water in its many forms to the unique character of the Cairngorms.   She celebrates its ever-presence in the landscape, and the various ways we experience it through all of our own senses.

“On one short stretch of burn the ear may distinguish a dozen different notes at once”,  from The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd.


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This recording is an attempt to present a tiny fraction of what she describes.  It includes small waves lapping at the windward end of Loch nan Eun,  slow and faster streams and rivulets in Gleann Taitneach, a small dripping cave on a stream bank, thunderstorms and rain in Mar Lodge forest, the fast shallow Dee at Derry Lodge tumbling stones on its journey, and the low rumble of a fallen tree as the Dee rushes around it.

The rumbling tree in the Dee was recorded with Liz Miller, a fellow participant in the Murmurations workshop at Glenshee that week.  We also shared the memorable experience of walking barefoot in the stony ice Dee as we sought interesting sounds around the Derry Lodge area.


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