12/06/18. Tigh a’ Ghearraidh, nr. Hosta, North Uist.

An evening spent on the beach in this isolated spot just north of the extraordinary RSPB Balranald nature reserve on North Uist.   The beach is close to a well-known blowhole, though the tide was out when I went, and so unfortunately I couldn’t find this spot.

The beach was wonderfully noisy; lots of Oyster Catchers were very keen on chasing me off.  Ringed plovers with their more modest peee-eeep were very pretty and also abundant.  A few noisy herring gulls were about.  And, I saw a spotted flycatcher nabbing some of the thousands of little black flies thIMG_4763at hovered quickly over the drying seaweed near the shore.

I sat on a few boulders; very beautiful with stripes and of varied sizes.  There were many pools filled with bright green algae/seaweed.

Where the sun had evaporated the pools the residue was now a starched white.

It was very peaceful to sit there and listen to the sounds of the birds, and the tide coming inexorably in.  IMG_4784

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