17/05/18 – 18/05/18. Skokholm: Storm Petrels II (3 recordings).

The next evening, 18/5/18, I went out later to two different locations along another wall near the cottage and by the Northern Plain.   It was between 23:00 and 00:15, and so covered the period from almost dark, to dark.  This time I found at least 2 birds singing away, but in slightly different ways, and with distinct voices.IMG_4068

A number of the nesting crevices in the wall have been numbered so that activity, and returning behaviour can also be tracked by the amazing team of resident wardens, PhD students and volunteers here on Skokholm.


The first recording is from “Bird 1”; it was still partially light.   I was being divebombed by an Oyster Catcher that was nesting in a neighbouring field; and one Great Black Backed gull was soaring overhead.   Both of these predators, and other birds, contribute to the mix here.   Unlike the petrel in yesterday’s recording, this one is also regularly churring/purring-mechanically.  Sometimes on this recording I think there might be two birds at work as well.

The second recording is from a different location, further down the wall.  Another voice here, and this one sang for only a short time.  The singing begins about :30 into the recording, and lasts for about a minute and a half, then sort of sputters out.  At this time it’s getting darker, and so the sounds of more gulls are a little more evident.

And the final recording is back to Bird 1’s crevice.  Now it is quite dark (around midnight), and many other birds, both predators and prey can be heard.  The sometimes frantic calling of Manx Shearwaters can also be heard in the background.

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