26/03/17. Dawn chorus at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Sukhna lake is part of Le Corbusier’s grand design for Chandigarh, the City Beautiful.  Chandigarh is a beautiful city; and the lake is special and very popular place.   Sukhna lake is a nature reserve, and is also very accessible for families.

This recording was made early in the morning – about 6:30am.  I sat on the shore of an inlet, just off the path that circles behind the lake at the western end of the park.   It was a Sunday morning, and even very early there were quite a few families and children about.

The bird calls and songs are wonderful.  I recognise only a few – Koel, perhaps Indian Cuckoo, Mynah, some warblers of some kind, some flies, some fish jumping out of the water.   Around I saw two different kinds of kingfishers; both very busy diving in for fish.  Here are pictures of each of them:


Overhead are quite a few black kites; a bird very common in northern Indian cities.  Where I live on the Welsh border we have a lot of Red Kites; they are closely related I believe; they certainly look very similar.  Here is one of the locals of Sukhna lake:

Black Kite

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