09/04/18. NWT Hickling Broad.

It was another dreary day in Norfolk!  I went to visit Hickling Broad, an expansive and fascinating area of reed beds and deep water.  Again, in search of bitterns, and again I think I heard one or two in the distance.  But I couldn’t record them.  So instead we have:

Recording 1:  At the Bittern Hide.   Lots of greylag geese courting.  Later I sat in the hide and watched them and could associate some of the noises with their activities.   Also in the background, the wind rising and blowing the reeds, corvids, lapwings, perhaps a water rail, lots more, and some light rain.  Also visible were lots of different birds of prey – marsh harriers, buzzards and more.

Recording 2: Near the Bittern Hide, on the bank beside Bygrave’s Marsh.   I had stopped walking to listen to the warblers that were very active in the reeds.  I couldn’t see them; perhaps they were reed warblers.  They would sing all together for a minute or so, and then all go silent at the same time.   This repeated for a while.   On this recording they start up following a gust of wind at around 3:40 minutes.  Also in the background, the wind again, lapwings, pheasants, greylag geese, other waders – perhaps a sandpiper of some kind.


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