01/04/18. An Easter dawn chorus at Bleddfa.

Bleddfa sits on the road from Knighton to Pen-y-bont.  It is a particularly beautiful part of mid-Wales; the valleys stretch and turn for miles and flow into each other along the way.  At Bleddfa there is a combination of woodland and open hilly pasture land.   And of course all of these valleys are very beautiful in their own unique way.

Today there is a hint of spring: lambs are everywhere, and the birds are very musical. It’s just joyful to be here.

The origin of the name Bleddfa is the place (-fa) of the wolf (blaidd).   Unfortunately, no wolves here since Tudor times.   So I can sit very safely this morning from a clearing in this part of Radnor Forest known as the Fishpools trail, and watch and listen to the Easter sunrise.   The photo above is from the summit of the walk, taken a few days ago looking west towards the coast (Aberystwyth).

This morning was wonderful; a clear sky with what looked like a full moon in the west.  it was cold, but very still; hardly any wind at all.   Winter is forecast to return tomorrow for a few days, but this morning that threat was not at all apparent.

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