28/03/18. Extraordinary sounds at Geltsdale this morning.

This morning I went early to Geltsdale, near Brampton (near Carlisle) to track down some Curlew.  I’ve made the trip several times in the past few weeks, but the weather has been poor and my timing hasn’t been right.   I reached the meadow by Tindale Tarn and recorded between 5:45am and about 6:30am.

What I heard was extraordinarily beautiful; a wonderful mixture of calls from many different birds – curlew, snipe, lapwing, perhaps redshank, crows, geese and as ever, some pheasants.   Particularly nice was the interaction between the lapwing with its song like a child’s slide-whistle and the curlew’s lovely mournful call; and for emphasis every now and then the rather ghostly reverbation of a snipe call would appear.  There are many more birds here that I cannot identify.

It was very windy today and this is present in the recordings, though I have tried to limit its impact.


These photos were taken from the Geltsdale carpark following last week’s unsuccessful recording evening.

I wasn’t able to record anything that day owing to the wind, but I was rewarded with an amazing sunset.

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