11/03/18. Burfa Bog dawn chorus

A foggy, cold and boggy predawn at Burfa Bog.  The trees all shrouded by mist.  And the birds were very active.

I sat by the stream that runs right through the middle of the bog; its gurgling is present in the recording, though at some point the birds dominate.

Ten minutes or so into the recording is a loud performance by a song thrush (I think!).  The latter third of the recording features a chorus of woodpigeons (often one of the last birds to hear before sunrise); it’s nice to hear them all interacting, rather than one lone woodpigeon in the distance.  And intermingled with all of this are the woodpeckers.  Sometimes you can hear them calling, but mostly it’s hammering away at the trees in the surrounding woods.

Recorded from 6:15-7:00 am.


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