23/2/18. Flock of Geese at Campfield Marsh

Campfield Marsh is one of a number of reserves on the Solway Firth just west of Carlisle.  I think it is the principal site for the RSPB up here; there is a nice welcoming and informative visitor centre; the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.  The reserve is beautiful to walk around, and I’ve visited several times now.

I was there late last year in Autumn the photos included in this posting come from that visit.  The photo below is from the boardwalk that takes you behind the wood and into the moorland where curlew and others breed in spring.


Yesterday (23/2) I visited in search of curlew; I think I came at the wrong time, seeing only one earlier near Drumburgh.   But at the hide near the end of the straight walk southeast from the Campfield Marsh visitor centre I saw a large flock of geese (200?); I think they were Barnacle Geese.   This recording is primarily of them, but all around were many other birds in the trees, and also out on the marsh.

Something disturbed the geese and a large number of them took off and started flying around in wide circles, initially around and above where they had been sitting (there are some pools at the far end of the marsh, just in front of the woodland), and then in ever wider circles, and eventually they headed noisily off towards the Solway.   It was all over very quickly.  The recording captures some of that; their flybys create a whoosh at 17, 30, 45, 65 and 80 seconds in the recording; I think it was around 80 seconds when they set off over my head back to the estuary.   A significant number was left behind, deciding to settle back in the pools, where they spent the next 15 minutes on the recording chattering away.





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