7/5/17. Malham Cove; early morning

Drove to Malham Cove to catch the dawn chorus at the base of the large cliffs. I was a bit late, and didn’t start recording until about 7:00. But it takes the sun doesn’t make it down to the lower part of the cliffs until well past 9, so it was still quite shady down at the bottom by the stream.  There is a nesting pair of peregrines, but I don’t think they are on the recording.  The cove is almost parabolic and so it reflects many of the sounds of the valley beyond and there is an interesting echo effect as well. From base to top I think it’s about 200 metres.

Saw and heard lots of birds; some I could identify: jackdaws, crows, grey wagtail, wheatear, mallards, pheasants, swallows and swifts. Woodpigeons.  Green woodpeckers with their staccato, sharp repetitive single tone cry of 5-8 notes and then silence.
Malham cove is a lovely spot. There is water trickling from the springs at the base, and a lovely echo from the curve of the sheer cliff walls. Sheep and cows in the valley behind the cove and they can be heard as well.

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