4/5/17. Tindale Tarn, Geltsdale, near Brampton, north Cumbria.

Geltsdale is a remote nature reserve near Brampton, just east of Carlisle.  It sits quite high in the Pennine foothills and is mostly moorland.   I walked in from the RSPB carpark about a mile or so to reach the RSPB centre; then past the centre and stopped on the path just past Tarn Cottage.  I was overlooking the tarn, or really looking down at it through the trunks of the trees separating me from it. It was a cold and windy morning, but underneath a large maple tree I found some relief from the wind; and the sound of the wind blowing through the big leaves of the tree added some pleasant background.
Here I heard many different birds; but could only identify a few: curlew, noisy pheasants all over the place, buzzards crying out, geese and swans on the water, jackdaws and crows. Occasionally the swans would beat the water hard with their wings and make a big display as they flew off and around. It was quite dramatic. Later I heard from the warden that they were behaving very territorial; the 3 locals were keen to see off some recent visitors.

Recorded about 5am; cold and windy morning.
(The photo associated with this post shows Tindale Tarn later in the year).

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